Refresh a chart's data

Charts are updated based on the Refresh Rate and the Cache Duration set for each dashboard. Check these settings to see how often your data is refreshed before manually refreshing your chart’s data as it may have just been updated.

You can also see when a dashboard’s data was last updated on the top right corner of your dashboard. There, a message will display the amount of time elapsed since the charts were last updated. If the dashboard is set to Smart or Auto refresh, hovering over this message will display the amount of time remaining until the charts are set to automatically update again.

Manually Refresh a Chart’s Data

If you would like to refresh an individual chart’s data, click the menu icon in the upper-right corner of the chart and choose Refresh Chart Data from the dropdown menu. The selected chart’s query will be resent to your data source and the chart’s data will be updated if there have been any changes in your data source since the last refresh.

Note: Manually refreshing chart data overrides your dashboard’s Cache Duration.