If a dashboard is not in use but should be kept for reference, archiving is a great way to keep it around just in case. The Archive is also useful as a holding space for dashboards that are potentially not in use, but need confirmation from Teammates before deletion.

What you should know:

  • A dashboard stays in the Archive indefinitely, unless a Dashboard Admin restores it or moves it to the Trash
  • Only Dashboard Admins have the ability to archive dashboards
  • Archiving a dashboard is entirely reversible; a dashboard can be moved to the Active or Trash sections at any time
  • Dashboard Editors and Viewers can see the names of dashboards in the Archive that they have access to, but they cannot see the actual dashboard and cannot restore or delete the dashboard
  • When a dashboard is in the Archive, queries are not run for its charts, and any scheduled reports are not sent

Manage dashboards with archiving