Arrange charts

All dashboard items (charts, variables, text elements) have a draggable area that is used to move the item. When you hover over the draggable area of a dashboard item, you will see a 4-way cursor icon and the item will have a dashed border. Click and drag from that area to move the item.

Charts can be moved by clicking and dragging on their title bar, or on the top edge if there is no title. Filters can be moved by clicking and dragging on the left side of the object, where the icon resides (except the date slider, which is draggable from the top). Rules are draggable from anywhere.

Drag a chart or object anywhere

Arrange multiple charts at once

You can also move multiple charts at once. To do so, select multiple charts by either of the following methods:

  • Click and hold on an empty space on your dashboard, and drag the grey box that appears over the charts you’d like to select
  • Hold down either Shift, Control, or Command (Mac), and click each chart individually

Select multiple charts by dragging

Selected charts will have a blue outline. Drag them as you would a single chart to move all of them at once.