Setting up Teams for each department within your organization—for example, Sales, Marketing, Support—allows you to easily assign permissions for specific dashboards and data sources to those users as a group. For more granularity, you can separate each department into permissions groups like Marketing Viewers and Marketing Admins, etc.

Teams and Permissions

Teams form the basis of the permissions structure within Chartio. Each user’s permissions are defined by the permissions of the Team(s) they belong to.

Permissions can be customized on a per-Team basis for each Data source and Dashboard. Dashboard and Data source permissions can also be granted on a per-user basis, but per-Team permissions are generally easier to manage for larger organizations.

Each organization comes with one default team that cannot be removed: the Owners team. Anyone on the Owners team can grant themselves access to any dashboard or data source within the organization.

To add a user to your organization, you will need to add them to a Team. Generally, it’s easiest to group teams by department or permission level, or both. Only Owners can add a new user to the organization.