Change or swap a data source

Data Sources

There may be instances while using Chartio where you want to switch the data source your charts and dashboards are connected to from one data source to another, whether you are migrating your data or have added a new connection. Good news - you do not need to recreate all your charts! We can perform a data source swap for your charts, dashboards, and data stores from the backend.

In order to attempt a data source swap, you first need to confirm that all the tables and fields are named exactly the same (case sensitive) including any custom tables or columns. They must have the same naming conventions. If you’d like to do a data source swap between two Google Sheets, you will also need to confirm that the Sheets both have the same name/title. Once this is confirmed, we can then attempt a data source swap.

It’s advised to clone a dashboard that uses the old data source first, so we can attempt the swap on the clone before attempting a full swap. If it is successful, we can then try for the full swap.

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