Filter on a text box input list with wildcards


What if you want to have a text variable where you can enter a list of search terms that you chart filters on?

Well, lists can only include the exact matches, and you cannot use wild cards with the “is one of”. Additionally, the “like” and “equals” cannot use lists. So basically you will need to edit the SQL in SQL mode because none of the dropdowns will work.

You will need to go into SQL mode and edit the Where statement. You will need to insert the following:

"Users"."email" iLIKE any (array[{TEXT_INPUT}])

You would replace “users” with your table name and “email” with your field (column) name.

The last part of this is the text variable. In order to search the entire string in the email column you will need to use wildcards. So in the text box you will need to surround each search term with percent signs like so:


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