Combining relative date functions


Relative date variables are useful when looking to filter your data on flexible date ranges. At times, they may not be as flexible as you’re looking to get. In this case, you can combine relative date functions using the {TODAY} relative date.

For example, I would like to get data for one full week up to yesterday. I can then combine the relative date variables: {TODAY.SUB(1,’day’)} and {TODAY.SUB(1,’week’)}
into the following variable as my start date: {TODAY.SUB(1,’day’).SUB(1, ‘week’)}
and add the following as my end date: {TODAY.SUB(1,’day’)}

As shown below, this would give me a date range from one week and 1 day up until yesterday (Nov 29, 2018).

You can combine different units with the {TODAY} relative date as needed. Additional information regarding relative dates and available units can be found here: Relative Date Variable Functions

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