Create a granular day range filter

Data Pipeline

There may be a situation where a more granular date range selection including a specific time of day is required. This example uses a Postgres database and in Postgres, depending on your data, you may have a datetime field you want to filter on.

When you drag a date field to the filters, a dropdown of options are presented but with the absence of a time selection.

  1. Open the Users tab and drag User Id into the Measures field and Created Date into the Dimensions field. To be able to filter between a specific time, add that date field to dimensions and select Second of Users.Created Date to keep the column as a datetime.

    Create a chart and change the date bucket

  2. Scroll down to Pipeline and select Filter Rows after clicking +Add Transformation. Make sure you pressed Run Query first.

    Add Filter Rows step in the Pipeline

    In this example, this filters a time greater than 2017-02-17T00:05:00 and less than 2017-02-17T00:44:40. This final filtering step will depend on your chart requirements. You may need to hide the initial seconds column or add a group step if there are duplicate values.

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