How do I round numbers?

Data Pipeline

The Add Column step in Chartio’s Data Pipeline allows you to perform functions on your data, including our custom functions, standard SQLite functions, and the following math functions:

degrees(), radians(), cos(), sin(), tan(), cosh(), sinh(), tanh(), exp(), log(), log10(), sqrt(), ceil(), floor()

The full list of SQLite functions can be found here.

If you’re performing a calculation on your data, you’ll often need to round the resulting numbers.

With your chart open in the Data Explorer, click the +Add Step button in the Data Pipeline, and choose Add Column from the dropdown menu. Label your column, and in the formula section add the following:

round("Column name", 2)

Where Column name is the name of the column you’d like to round, and 2 is the number of decimal points you’d like to round to.

Note: If you are dividing columns that are whole numbers, and you want your result to be a decimal value, you will need to convert your values to decimals before the division occurs. You can do so by multiplying by 100.0 or 1.0. For example:

round(100.0 * "Column1" / "Column2", 2)

Rounding numbers

Click Ok, and you can preview your data to see the transformation.

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