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Singe Value Indicator Chart Settings

Available chart settings tabs for Single Value Indicator charts
General Color Drilldown


“Chart title” and “Title font size” can be found in the General section of our Chart Settings page.

Font size
Changes the value’s font size
Decimal precision
If the value is numeric, specify the number of decimal places
  • 0: Round to the nearest whole number
  • 0.0: One decimal place
  • 0.00: Two decimal places
  • 0.000: Three decimal places
Number formatting
If the value is numeric, select one of the following number formats:
  • 1,000.00
  • 1000.00
  • 1 000,00
  • 1000,00
Pre text
Prepend text to the beginning of the value; uses the same Font size as the value

For example, if you want to show the value as a dollar amount, you could enter $ in this field.

Pre text superscript
Changes the Pre text into a superscript
Post text
Append text to the end of the value; uses the same Font size as the value

This could be useful for showing the value’s unit of measure (e.g., users)

Post text superscript
Changes the Post text into a superscript
Chart description
Provide a chart description beneath the value
Wrap chart description
Wraps the chart description if it is longer than the size of the chart; otherwise, the chart description is truncated, and you’ll need to expand the chart the full length of the chart description to read the entire text
Show percent change
Shows the percentage change beneath the indicator arrow


“Background color” can be found in the Color section of our Chart Settings page.

Text color
Choose the text color of the value
Indicator arrow colors
Select if you want to choose the colors of the up and down indicator arrows; otherwise, the default color is black


Check out Drilldowns for more information on this tab.