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Pie Chart Settings

Available chart settings tabs for Pie charts
General Color Drilldown


“Chart title”, “Title font size”, “Show legend”, “Show tooltips”, “Round tooltip values”, and “Label format” can be found in the General section of our Chart Settings page.

Sort slices by value
Sorts pie slices from greatest to least in terms of value
Group to other
If your Pie chart has a lot of small data segments, we may automatically group those segments together into an “Other” slice to clean up the chart output; selected by default

Deselecting displays all results separately (i.e., no auto-generated “Other” slice)

Group to other cutoff
Editable when Group to other is selected

Specify the maximum number of slices to show in the chart; remaining slices are grouped into “Other”

Donut chart
Turns your Pie chart into a Donut chart
Show total in center
Editable when Donut chart is selected

Show the total value (i.e., sum of all slice values) in the middle of your Donut chart


“Background color” and “Use custom colors” can be found in the Color section of our Chart Settings page.


Check out Drilldowns for more information on this tab.