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Bubble Map Chart Settings

Available chart settings tabs for Bubble Map charts
General Color Series Drilldown


“Chart title”, “Title font size”, “Show tooltips”, and “Round tooltip values” can be found in the General section of our Chart Settings page.

Map type
Choose the type of map for your Bubble Map chart
  • Automatic: default; infers the best map to use based on your data
  • World map by country
  • US map by state
  • Europe by country
  • Africa by country
  • Australia by state & New Zealand


“Background color” and “Use custom colors” can be found in the Color section of our Chart Settings page.


Bubble size of smallest value
Specify the smallest bubble size
Bubble size of largest value
Specify the largest bubble size
Show bubble outline
Show or hide the bubble outline; selected by default


Check out Drilldowns for more information on this tab.