VPN and reverse SSH tunnels

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We sometimes get asked about VPNs. We currently do not support this type of connection.

VPNs are useful to bridge two different private networks. They require additional configuration of network routing rules and firewall rules.

Our reverse SSH tunnel, on the other hand, maps a single IP and port in one private network into another. Very little network routing setup is required and very few firewalls rules need to be configured.

Conversely, a poorly configured VPN could give Chartio access to every server in the private network or vice versa. In addition, AWS places limitations on the number of VPNs or peer-ed VPN networks. Meaning, it would be difficult to scale VPNs as easily as we can reverse SSH connections.

Reverse SSH should be just as secure from an encrypted tunnel perspective, with a much simpler implementation.

View more info on our tunnel connections.

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