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Connect to Amazon Athena

To connect to an Amazon Athena data source, you’ll need the following information:

Amazon Athena source user permissions

To grant Chartio the proper read permissions required to connect to an Athena data source, you’ll need to create a new user and new policy in IAM.

  1. Create a new user who has programmatic access to Chartio
  2. Assign this user the AWSQuicksightAthenaAccess policy (this gives the user access to Athena).
  3. Create a new policy in IAM to allow the Chartio user access to the specific buckets that contain your data. You’ll need to give List->HeadBucket, List->ListBucket, and Read-GetObject for the specific buckets and all objects in the buckets.
  4. Assign this new policy to the Chartio user you created.

The IAM user who created the API access keys will need to have S3 access to both the S3 bucket from where the data is read and the S3 bucket where the query results are stored. The AWSQuicksightAthenaAccess policy only gives access to the query result S3 bucket. You’ll also need to add a policy to the user so it has access to the data.

Chartio does not have a direct connection to Amazon S3, as Chartio supports primarily relational SQL databases. Amazon Athena has the capability of accessing your data stored in an S3 bucket. For more information about this process, please refer to the Amazon Athena documentation.