Amazon Redshift

Redshift Security Groups

In order for Chartio to connect to your database, you’ll need to whitelist our inbound IP address ( ) in your Cluster’s Security Group settings.

If your database server, RDS instance or Redshift cluster is on a private subnet of an Amazon VPC, follow our VPC connection instructions instead.

Log in to the Redshift Management Console and select Clusters from the left sidebar. Select the cluster you want to connect to Chartio.

The Cluster Details page will display. In the Cluster Security Groups section, click the Security Group you want to add Chartio to.

In the Security Group, click the Inbound Rules tab at the bottom of the page, then click the Edit button. Set the Type to Redshift, and adjust the Port if needed. Enter the following into the Source field:

Connection Details

You can find the information needed to connect on the Clusters page of the Amazon Redshift Management Console. Locate the Endpoint, Port, Database Name, and Master Username.