• Snowflake warehouse must be set to AUTO-SUSPEND

Obtain Snowflake connection details

All connection details are case-sensitive. Snowflake stores object names in uppercase unless you quote (“”) the names when you create the objects. This includes Warehouse Name, Database Name, and Schema Name.

  • Account name
    The first part of your Snowflake url:
  • Account user
    The username you use to log in to your Snowflake console.
  • Warehouse name
    Click “Warehouses” from within your Snowflake console to view a list of warehouses. Any warehouse in your account will work with any database.
  • Region
    If not US West Region, your region will be listed in your Snowflake console url:
  • Database
    Click “Databases” from within your Snowflake console to view a list of databases.
  • Database password
    The password you use with your Account user to log in to your Snowflake console.
  • Schema name
    Click “Databases” from within your Snowflake console, then click the name of the database you would like to use. Switch to the “Schemas” tab to view a list of schemas for that database. Chartio will automatically default the schema to public in the connection form unless a schema name is entered.

Connect Snowflake to Chartio

In Chartio, select Data Sources from the top menu, choose Add a Data Source, then select Snowflake. Enter the connection details obtained in the previous step into the connection form and click Connect.

Note: Your schema name is case sensitive.

Time Zones

Chartio sets Snowflake data sources to UTC. It is not currently possible to override this time zone setting.

Suspended warehouse

Chartio will automatically resume a suspended warehouse prior to schema refresh. Chartio will NOT resume a suspended warehouse to run a query.