Google Analytics

If you’re already signed into the Google account you want to associate Chartio with, you’ll be prompted with a simple permissions request to allow access. If you’re not, you’ll need to sign in to your Google account before access is allowed.

If you plan to use Google Analytics custom segements, make sure the login you use for Chartio to connect to the database has permissions to access those segments.

Click Accept when prompted by Google to give Chartio permission to access your Google Analytics data

Once you’ve granted permission, you’ll be directed back into the Chartio interface. You can now create charts with your Google Analytics data.

Can’t find a metric?

Chartio hides some lesser-used metrics by default to make your data easier to navigate. If you can’t find a column, please see our instructions for unhiding metrics in your schema.

Analytics 360 (Premium) Accounts

If you have a Analytis 360 (premium) GA Account, please contact to enable additional custom variables and dimensions.