Bar Line

Bar Line Chart

Bar Line Charts use a bar and a line to visualize a data set with both a continuous and a categorical metric. They can be especially handy for comparing values against a goal line, or comparing a group of values against an average.

Bar Line charts have a dual Y-axis by default. You can switch to a single Y-axis from within the Chart Settings.

The first column in your query results maps to the X-axis, and the last column maps to the line. Any columns in between will map to one or more bars. Change the value for Last X columns as lines in your Chart Settings as needed.

Required dataset format:
Three or more columns. The second through the last column must be numeric. If your chart has two dimensions and one measure, add a Pivot Data step in the Data Pipeline.

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
2015-01 34535 3.25
2015-02 45649 2.67