Bar chart

Bar Charts are mainly used to visualize discontinuous (or discrete) data or to show the relationship between a part to a whole. For multidimensional data, you can choose a Stacked Bar Chart, Grouped Bar Chart, or Percent Bar Chart.

To show value labels on bars, open the Chart Settings and check the Value labels checkbox.

Plotting dates on a Bar Chart

Unlike charts meant to show continous data, such as Line and Scatter plot charts, Bar Charts don’t sort dates or fill in missing date values. This is because Bar Charts are generally used to display discrete data points. When using a Bar Chart, sort and/or zero-fill your dates in the Data Pipeline as needed.

Required dataset format:
Two or more columns. The second through the last column must be numeric. If your chart has two dimensions and one measure, add a Pivot Data step in the Data Pipeline.

Column 1 Column 2
2015-01 34535
2015-02 45649