Different colored bars in a bar chart


There might be a situation where you’ll have a user asking for each bar in a bar graph to be a separate color. In the event that you find yourself needing to produce such a task, you’ll want to keep in mind using a pivot data step. 

As an example, we’ll use the Chartio Demo Source. Say we have a user who wants to view marketing spend over time where we will utilize the Cost and Created Date columns within the Marketing table. Since their end goal is to visualize marketing cost per month with a separate colored bar for the bar graph, we would need to drag another Created Date dimension bucketed by month. Giving us the three columns:

Create the chart

From here we would utilize the Data Pipeline, adding Pivot Data step:

Add a Pivot Data step in the Pipeline

Once hitting apply & close we get:

Final result

Keep in mind that the Show Legend option was turned off to give this bar graph a more aesthetic look. To further customize aspects of this chart, such as the title font-size or refashioning the numbers on the y-axis, click on the chart settings tab.

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