Table chart formatting


Column formatting

Apply specific formatting styles to Table chart columns, such as date formatting or text color.

Open your chart for editing, and click the Settings button. In the Chart Settings, switch to the Columns tab. Set defaults under the Default Column Formatting section, or click Add New Formatting Rule to format an individual column.

To format a numeric column as currency, for example, add a new formatting rule and select Currency from the Number dropdown.

Adding a numeric column

Formatting dates

Each date bucket (month, week, day, etc.) offers different formatting options.


Our chart is grouped by week number, and we want to instead show the date range for the week. In our Chart Settings, we’ll switch to the Columns tab, click + Add New Formatting Rule, and select our week column from the Format Column dropdown. Then we’ll select Long from the Week Formatting dropdown, and click Done and save the chart.

Formatting the column for weeks

Conditional column formatting

Apply formatting to column values when they meet a specific condition. You may apply as many conditional rules to a chart as you wish.

Open your chart for editing, and click the Chart Settings button. In the Chart Settings, switch to the Conditions tab. Click Add New Conditional Rule.

In our example, we want to highlight any rows where the count of new users is greater than 150. We’ll select our column, set our condition, and adjust our Text Styles.

Format multiple columns

You may apply conditions to multiple columns, as long as the columns are the same data type. Simply select additional columns from the Format Column dropdowns.

To format all columns of the same data type, choose “All numeric columns” or “All text columns” from the Format Column dropdown.

Formatting multiple columns at once

Note: later rules can override earlier rules. If a column value fits multiple rules, the later rule will be applied.

Check out a video below to see an example of doing this:

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