Google Cloud SQL debugging

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Network Connectivity Issues

Ensure that the Chartio IP address has been whitelisted to access the Google Cloud SQL instance. To do this, in the Google Cloud console:

  1. Navigate to the SQL server instance
  2. View the Connections tab
  3. Ensure the Public option is selected and click Add Network
  4. Enter Chartio as the name of the network with the following CIDR


Google Cloud SQL generates a custom certificate authority to generate per-client certificates. However, Chartio doesn’t support configuring client certificates at this time. In order to connect to Google Cloud SQL, you must allow insecure SSL connections.

This will disable Google Cloud SQL from only allowing connections from known client certificates but if configured properly in Chartio, will still establish an SSL connection.

Using Postgres

Chartio’s Google Cloud SQL connector only supports MySQL at this time. However, you can still connect to Postgres Google Cloud SQL instances using a normal Postgres data source in Chartio.

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