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Use business hours for charts

It is possible in Chartio to adjust the dates of reporting, such as differentiating between weekends and the typical Monday-Friday business hours. In this example, we want to add some overtime pay onto employee wages for weekends they worked.

  1. Drag Shift into the Dimensions field twice and select different Time Buckets: one for the Day (or Date) of Shift and the other for Day of Week.

    Set up your chart by dragging shift into the Dimensions field twice

  2. In the Pipeline, add a Combine Columns step to combine the hourly wages and hours worked per day columns. Select the option to hide the original columns so that the calculation will happen behind the scenes.

    Add Combine Columns step in the Pipeline

  3. Add an Edit Column Pipeline step and use a case statement to edit the Gross Pay per Day column to add time-and-a-half pay to weekend days (which are the only days of the week starting with the letter “S”):

    CASE WHEN "Day of Week: Shift" LIKE 'S%' THEN 1.5*("Gross Pay per Day")
    ELSE "Gross Pay per Day" END

    Edit Column using a case statement