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Chart Comments FAQ

In case you missed it, we wrote a blog post about Charts worth commenting on. You can also check out our Chart Comments documentation page, which goes over the in-app functionality. This FAQ covers common questions related to chart comments. If you have any questions or concerns that we didn’t address here, you can reach out to us at


Doesn’t Chartio already have comments? How is this different?

Chartio already has dashboard-level comments, but this new feature allows comment threads to be attached to specific charts within a dashboard.

Adding comments

How can I tell if a chart already has comments?

When you hover over a chart, look at the comment bubble icon. If there are comments, the icon will contain a count of the number of comments contained in the conversation for that chart.

You can also quickly view which charts on your dashboard have comments by clicking Comments from the dashboard’s sidebar. Charts with at least one chart comment will show the comment bubble icon and the number of comments it has.

How do you tag someone?

When creating a comment, start your tag by typing @ then selecting the username of the person you wish to tag from the list of users that appears. The list shows only users with access to the dashboard.

Can I tag someone by their email address?

No, currently you can only tag someone by their username.

Can I tag an entire team in a comment?

No, that’s also currently unavailable.

How long can a comment be?

Chart comments have a limit of 1,000 characters.

Editing or deleting comments

Can I edit someone else’s comment?

No, only the comment’s author can edit their comment.

Can I delete someone else’s comment?

If you’re a dashboard admin, you can delete any chart comments on the dashboard. Otherwise, no.

Resolving comments

Can I resolve a comment thread?

Yes, anyone with access to the dashboard can resolve comment threads.

Resolved threads disappear from my dashboard! Can I restore resolved comment threads?

Absolutely! Anyone with access to the dashboard can restore chart comment threads.


Yes! Each comment thread has a shareable link you can copy and share with other users who have access to the dashboard. Learn more about how to share comment threads.


Who gets email notifications?

Check out our Chart Comments page to learn more about the types of chart comment notifications and which users receive them.

We’re a HIPAA account. How does that affect our email notifications?

HIPAA accounts don’t receive images in their email notifications.

Can I change my notification settings?

You can change your email notifications settings from your Profile page.

Can I unsubscribe from specific comment threads?

At the moment, no.


What are the permissions for chart comments?

As long as chart comments are enabled for your organization, anyone with access to the dashboard can view, create, resolve, and un-resolve chart comments!

I’ve got some embedded dashboards. Can people leave chart comments on those dashboards?

Nope! Chart comments aren’t displayed for embedded dashboards.

Do chart comments carry over when I move the chart to another dashboard? What about when I clone a chart?

Chart comments do not carry over to charts moved to another dashboard or cloned charts.

Can I disable chart comments at a dashboard level?

Disabling chart comments on a dashboard level is currently unavailable, but it’s on our list of features to implement.

What if I want to disable charts for my organization?

No problem! Just send us an email at and we can disable them for you.