Pivot with two dimensions and multiple measures


First, let’s take a look at an example chart before and after a pivot. Our example chart is grouped by two dimensions: Date and Customer. There are two aggregate columns: Amount and Count of Orders.

Before the Pivot step

After the Pivot step

Here’s what our chart looks like in the Data Explorer:

Chart in Data Explorer

The second dimension, Customer, is pivoted so the values are displayed/grouped with our column headers for our measures (Amount and Count of Orders). This type of pivot requires the following criteria:

  • Grouped by exactly two dimensions
  • Two or more measures (aggregates)
  • Second (pivoted) dimension must have a limited number of values, otherwise it will produce a large amount of columns. (The limit in Chartio is 200 columns per table chart, though you would likely want far fewer than that to produce for legibility.)

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