The Auto chart type feature


Because it isn’t always immediately evident what type of chart would provide the best visualization of data, Chartio is able to intelligently consider the layout of the dataset along with decisions made by other Chartio users about similar datasets to automatically choose a chart type that will fit your data.

To take advantage of it, after inputting the data into your chart as normal, click the Auto button next to the chart types in the preview. You can click this button at anytime, regardless of whether you have already manually chosen a chart type or not.

The Auto-chart selected was a Line chart

This feature works because Chartio has gathered metadata about thousands of charts that have already been created. By looking at several features of a chart’s dataset, such as number of rows, number of columns, and the datatype of each column, Chartio uses machine learning to identify trends between these features and the chart types that are commonly chosen for them. Thus, as is the case with most applications of machine learning, the behavior of this feature will likely evolve overtime as it becomes exposed to more training data and as the algorithm is tweaked.

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